Getting Started!

Firstly get in touch with our Scheme Co-ordinator and she will send you details of our scheme our starter pack.  Our Scheme Co-ordinator, Karen Martin, will then be available to come along to one of your Parent Teacher Association meetings or Fundraising Group meetings to introduce herself and answer any questions you may have.  Karen will then work with you to help in setting up and organising the scheme!! Karen's details are at the bottom of the page!

Organising the scheme!

You will have to agree with you head teacher that it is a great idea and might have to speak to your PTA/ friends association and treasurer, if relevant. We will send you flyers for you to give out to the parents and teachers. The school may agree to put these in the children's book bags.

The Launch!

Our Scheme Co-ordinator, Karen Martin, will be on hand to organise the launch event to which all parents and Teacher's will be invited along.  This will be done at a time that is convenient to the school and PTA members and when you think Parents and Teacher's will be most likely to attend, for example, first thing in the morning, or at the end of the day.  We suggest that you hold it on the day that we will be delivering to your school.

We will  set up an eye-catching stall that will have information relating to the benefits of Organic Produce, budget Organic recipes and we will provide sample bags and some free fruit or veg to give away.

For further information please contact:

Karen Martin

Scheme Co-ordinator on

01630 621797




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