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Bags of fresh vegetables and fruit raising money for schools

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About us!

Arthur's Choice is similiar to  a scheme that has been running successfully helping to raise funds for schools in London over the past five years.  To date the scheme in London, introduced by a large Organic supplier has raised over £800,000!

Tony Park, the Proprietor of Arthur's Organic Deliveries believed that this scheme could be as beneficial for schools in the Norwich and Norfolk Area.

Tony has over 25 years of working in the Organic Industry and before running his current box delivery scheme ran a shop in Dereham!  He decided to pilot the School Fundraising Scheme in Dereham which was well received by the community and is now launching the scheme in Norwich!

Karen Martin is the Scheme Co-ordinator for Arthur's Choice and is here to help schools in all aspects of joining and running the scheme!

So how does it work?

It works like this:

  • The school receives £1.00 for every bag sold!
  • Parents and Teachers sign up for a bag of veg, or fruit and veg, which are ordered and paid for in advance, so there is no waste!
  • An email will be sent out as a reminder to the liaison for the school that orders are due by Karen!
  • Orders are emailed to Tony on a Monday and the bags will be delivered to the school on a Wednesday just before the end of the  school day
  • Parents and Teachers pick up their orders on the delivery day


  • They are excellent value with bags starting from only £5.50!

  • The school benefits from extra fundraising!

  • Families benefit from fresh produce and encourages healthy eating!

  • Can have educational value!

  • Local farmers benefit from extra support!

  • Organic Production benefits the environment for everyone!

Where do the bags come from?

The bags are packed by Hughes Organics at Besthorpe, near Attleborough. Grahame Hughes was a pioneer in organic vegetable box schemes in the 1990s and has been growing and selling organic produce for nearly 30 years. He has ¼ acre under glass at Bunwell and co-ordinates produce from other growers in East Anglia to ensure continuity of local supply as far as possible.

Hughes Organics is registered with The Soil Association, the original and premier organic certification body in the U.K

How does it run?

Once you get going the scheme practically runs itself. We deliver to you on the same day each week. The parents collect their bags and pay for their order for the following week. You ring or email with the following week`s order.

Will you help me?

Of Course! General support, Email reminders, Recipes, Promotional ideas. Karen's contact details are on the Getting Started Page!

Please call or email with any ideas, questions or feedback.

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