Can we exclude items from the bags?

No, they are to a standard recipe and vary from week to week. We will try and help with recipe ideas and general support. Many people find it an exciting challenge to find out how to prepare items they wouldn`t normally buy

How Do We Pay?

You collect cash or cheques from the parents and send us payment by cheque or Bank Transfer – whichever is easier for you. Some schools will collect payment for a whole or half term in advance. We do not deliver in school holidays.

Can you Guarantee Quality?

We try our level best to only put the best available produce in the bags, but occasionally a rogue item slips through. We would never do this on purpose and will replace, without a quibble, any item that is not up to scratch. Just let us know straight away.

When will you Deliver?

We will agree a delivery day with you and ensure that the bags are at the school before going home time on the day.

What about other things that Arthur's Sell?

We suggest that you stick with the bags to start. It`s a simple scheme and easy to administer.

If you are interested in our vegetable box scheme or eggs, bread, etc. then we will donate 10% of sales value of any other items delivered to the school, except bulk wholefoods which would be at 5% discount. 

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